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Welcome to our Co-Op

Aum Vibe + Ventura Pop Up Yoga 

are uniting together to bring you 


If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that we are Better Together!

Aum Vibe opened their doors to us this season to tuck inside for our evening winter classes.  We saw this as an opportunity to expand the amount of options you have available to practice each week; by creating a special Co-Op Package.

Purchase our unique 10 Pack of Classes:

Enjoy 50+ Classes to choose from a week at

Aum Vibe + Ventura Pop Up

5 Classes at Ventura Pop Up Yoga Indoor + Outdoor Classes

5 Classes at Aum Vibe for Mat + Ariel Classes

1 Aum Vibe Specialty Tea

  1. Purchase Co-Op Pack HERE

  2. Schedule your Pop Up classes on our app HERE

  3. Schedule your Aum Vibe classes on their app HERE

  4. Pick up your tea during Aum Vibe's lounge hours: Daily 9-12pm


One Hundred + Eight symbolism is woven into so many corners and philosophies of the yogic path; but most simply put it is symbolism of "Wholeness"

Package Valued at over $160