Wellness Wednesday- Winter Wandering

We all need a healthy escape, especially during the holiday season. As our responsibilities grow, it becomes more and more difficult to find moments to slip away and connect with the ourselves and nature. Here's a young yogis top 5 Local Escapes that are budget friendly and relaxing for a quick mid-afternoon get away. 1. Ventura Botanical Gardens - Nestled in the hillside of Downtown Ventura, the Gardens the perfect midday get away. Easy parking just behind City Hall to find the trailhead entrance. As the trail takes you up and beyond the city limits you’ll enjoy scenic views year round. Grab your human or furry friends for these photogenic views. 2. Arroyo Verde Park -Just a short drive outside of Downtown Ventura. Arroyo Verde is the perfect place for a relaxing picnic or even a trail run. It's pet friendly with easy or strenuous hiking trails that capture the stunning views of the ocean and islands. 3. Ojai Foundation - For those souls that crave a drive to unwind; this hidden gem is the perfect get away. The Ojai Foundation is full of surprises. Located in upper Ojai on 40 acres of semi-wilderness land. The feeling of peace will take over after meditating underneath the Thinking Tree or making an offering to Buddha. The space is ecological designed and a soulful escape.

4. Meditation Mount - When a full body disconnect and realignment is needed, this is your stop. Enjoy a winding drive to the back of Ojai. Wander the grounds as you reconnect to nature. Bring a journal and create space while tucked on one of the quiet secluded benches. Find your spiritual side on this escape. 5. Zen Pools - Located off of highway 33, the pools have numerous healing and calming aspects, but will quench the thirst for adventure. The zen pools are a local secret so there are no signs. Park your vehicle before the Matilija Dam, but if you drive through the tunnel you've gone too far. Wishful wandering!

`Alex McDaniel

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