Yoga in the Wild

We are excited to announce our return...

We've worked hard to create a safe environment for each of you and to do our  part to responsibly run a business during this unique time. Part of our stay safe initiatives continue to press the importance of social distance. Please make note that all scheduling will be done via our new app!

Please take a moment to download our app now, get familiar with it and sign up for classes:

Download the VPUY Wix Scheduling App


  • All registration, sign in, attendance and waivers will be managed virtually to limited the need to pass around a clipboard.

  • Payments will only be accepted electronically. We will not be accepting cash donations for this time. We've created a couple of payment options that will support your needs as well as honor our incredible team that shows up for you each week.

We're looking at this transition as an opportunity to streamline our processes. We of course will also have some temporary changes that will allow us to responsibly host you all each week.

Stay Safe Initiative:

  1.  Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms or that has been in contact with someone with COVID-19, in the past 14 days is requested to not attend class.

  2. Subcontractors/Instructor will be required to do an at home symptom checklist prior to arrival to class:

    • At home symptoms check

    • Temperature check

  3. Class sizes will be limited and these class sizes will be updated as deemed necessary to prevent the spread of disease

  4. Social distancing will be practiced during class: all students mats must remain 6’ apart within our designate class area “the cone zone”

    • All registration, sign in, attendance, and waivers will be managed online, removing contact with the instructor.

    • Payments will only be accepted digitally until the foreseeable future: no cash transactions

  5. We’ve removed rental supplies; mats, props and blankets.Students must provide their own materials for practice

  6. Instructors will remain at the front of the class.No hands on adjustments or walking between students during practice will be permitted

  7. Masks will not be required, but encouraged for anyone that deems it necessary

  8. Onsite instructors have been trained on these guidelines and will manage prevention methods while onsite for class.

Any specific questions or concerns can be sent to me directly at


I ask that you exercise compassion and grace with each of us and each other as our community comes back to life. We will gather together each week under the pure intentions of breathing new life into ourselves and

honoring the path that we're each on.

Much Love,
Jessy Raspiller


The Pop Up Family

(meet your 2020 teachers)