Co-Founders Jen Spencer + Jessy Raspiller

Our Story

Ventura Pop Up Yoga was founded in efforts to bring more people to a yoga mat.


Jessy and Jen began "playing" yoga in the parks of Ventura by accident in the Summer of 2014.  Jessy had just gone through her initial yoga teacher training and was required to provide 8 hours of free classes to an under served market.  She invited her friends to the park that had been intimidated to attend the yoga studio she went to.  After that first accidental "pop up" in the park, Jen noted that people who had never tried yoga were rolling out their mats in this relaxed environment.

In April of 2015 Jessy and Jen along with friend Heather Perry committed to Popping Up in the parks twice a week for some 'Yoga in the Wild'.  These donation based classes quickly caught on and in a short amount of time their flagship Sunday class was hosting up to 50+ students a week.

The girls set out into the community committed to leave spaces and places better than they found them.  They began by popping up at local businesses/retail to bring awareness to unique Ventura locations, hosting beach cleanups, and as well as specialty Pop Up events.

Today Ventura Pop Up Yoga hosts classes 7 days a week as well as several Pop Up workshops a month.  Depending on the season you can find multiple classes hosted outdoors or during the winter months, find classes at their seasonal indoor home.

Jessy and Jen love the community that has been created out of sharing their love for yoga.  They pride themselves on practicing with brand new yogis each week, meeting practitioners from around the world, and the partnerships they've created in this community.

They recently launched their newest vision, Venture Well Yoga, which will continue the efforts to reach more people in unique spaces and places.


An open invitation stands to join us for your first yoga class or deepen your practice with us. 


Much love and gratitude,

Jessy + Jen