Founder: Jessy Raspiller

Our Story

Ventura Pop Up Yoga was founded in efforts to bring more

people to a yoga mat.


What started out as playful classes in the park with close friends, quickly turned into the birth of a community.


Founder Jessy Raspiller began her teaching career in 2014. Upon completing the first of many trainings, she was encouraged to reach an underserved market and tap into an audience that didn’t perviously have access to yoga.  With this in mind, Jessy contacted her close group of friends that had voiced their intimidation of practicing at a yoga studio.  Collectively a small group began to gather at Marina Park, for free classes as Jessy found her voice as a teacher.


Six months later, in the Spring of 2015, three friends united to expand upon this idea.  Jen Spencer + Heather Perry, alongside of Jessy; committed to bring more yoga to more people.  Knowing that the outdoor element removed many of the barriers for new students, the ladies elected to extend their twice weekly Yoga in the Wild classes.


Ventura Pop Up Yoga was born with a spark of inspiration.  That spark was quickly fanned and as the community grew from a group of close friends to up to 60 yogis gathering at our Sunday, flagship class.  Our classes continue to grow and shifted each year based on the needs of our community.

We’ve brought yoga to every corner of Ventura County, Popping Up through the years as far as Thousand Oaks.  We continue to strive to meet people where they are, whether that’s a playful workshop at one of our local partners, an adventure on a hiking trail, or simply creatively tie dying t-shirts in the park.  Sometimes it’s the enticement of something familiar that can welcome someone to the mat for the first time.


We come back time and time again in recognition that none of this could be possible because of one person.  This community is based upon the collective; each of you that have shown up even for a single class as well as the array of teachers that have graced our parks over the years.  We are #bettertogether.

As we enter our 7th season, we reflect on what the past years have inspired us to become. We've evolved and adapted to the changing environment literally and figuratively.  While Covid forced us to shift many of our foundational principles it also gave us the biggest invitation to reach further to connect with our students.  Undoubtedly we faced challenges, but those challenges of 2020 became our growth to support us for years to come.

We're excited to see what 2022 brings our way.  We will continue to ebb + flow with the changing times and seasons of life. We w ill continue to dream outside the box to find new and innovative ways to support your wellness; mind, body + spirit.

An open invitation stands to join us for your first yoga class or

deepen your practice with us. 

In the meantime if there is anything further that we can do to support your yogic practice, we welcome your feedback and support.

Much love and gratitude,

Jessy Raspiller