Ventura's Outdoor Yoga Studio

We LOVE Nature + We LOVE Yoga

We've created an environment that allows us to soak in the essence of our unique beach town's landscape while we flow with the elements 365 days a year.

Exploring the depths of yoga both on and off the mat.

We hope that as you join us for your first yoga class or deepen your practice with us that you can find the classes and the teachers that most align with where you are.  


Outdoor Classes 7 Days a week.  Our classes are appropriate for All Levels.

Outdoor Yoga

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Opt for Online. Our virtual classes are perfect for those cool + dark winter evenings as well as any rainy days

LIVE Classes

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We love to mix things up and offer several special events meant to deepen and enrich your practice each month

Special Events

Our Mission:

To leave our spaces, our places and our people better than we found them

Yoga in the Wild

Who Are We?

We wanted to do something different... in 2014 we began playing yoga in the parks with our friends.  In doing so we realized we were chartering a community for individuals that may not fit into the typical "western" Yoga box.  We wanted the freedom to keep this practice affordable, but we also wanted to create a welcoming environment for anyBody to feel like they belong here.

In 2015 we launched Ventura's first Outdoor Yoga Studio.  We've been ebbing and flowing and growing with the times (and the weather of course) ever since. We've got a group of teachers that feel like family to us and their foundations are rooted in nature as well; surfing, hiking, trail running, climbing, etc.  We feel that through this connection with nature we've been able to find that "union" that Yoga truly stands for; in mind, body, spirit and in commUNITY.

Monthly Teacher Feature

Get to know
Melissa Kelly and her fundraising efforts for Music therapy Wellness Clinic

Meet The Team

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I've never taken a yoga class,

what do you suggest?

Our classes are made accessible to All Levels. The VPUY teachers instruct practice in a way that options are built in for practitioners of all levels.  The most important thing you can do for yourself during practice is remember to breath.  Learning the poses and finding your alignment will come with practice.  Always listen to your body, there may be discomfort but there should never be pain in your practice.

Most importantly introduce yourself so we can get to know you and answer any questions you have


What do I need for class?

A yoga mat... doesn't need to be fancy, just a 2x6' spot to call your own!

Options you might opt for:

  • Layers: jackets, hats, sun glasses, SPF (we never know what Yoga in the Wild will be and sometimes it changes in minutes)

  • Blanket/towel for under your mat. Helps with wet grass or sand from creeping on your mat during practice

  • Props can be handy: blocks + straps


Can my child human or dog attend class?

Yes, anyone that has the ability to hold their attention span for 60mins is welcome to join... and if that attention span wanders we won't be upset if you have to sneak off your mat for a few minutes to go to the playground or throw a ball.

All humans do need to register for practice.  If you're signing up a child (under the age of 18, everyone over 18 is required to have their own login) in addition to yourself you may do so here:

Two Person Booking


What if there is bad weather?

If weather or any outside force causes an issue for us to host class we will notify you in the app.

Often we will turn to Zoom as an alternative based on the feasibility we have to shuffle that particular class online.  If we opt for a Zoom session we will send you a message to re-register for that class time so that you can receive the Zoom link.

If we end up having to cancel or if Zoom doesn't work for you, you will receive a class credit back on your account, if you used a drop in package.

Surfers on the Beach

Need to get ahold of us?

Messaging us in our scheduling app is the quickest easiest way to get ahold of us.  However you're welcome to drop us a line here:

Outdoor Yoga, Ventura , CA  |  Tel: 805.628.2085

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